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Arcolis by Barrisol®

BARRISOL® launches acoustic panels Arcolis®. With his experience in the technical field of acoustics and solutions for architecture and decoration, BARRISOL® has developed a wide range of acoustic panels and baffles, to suspend or hang, or dividing walls to place for a acoustic correction of all public and private spaces.

Created to fit all places, the wide range of Arcolis® panels fits into any space, providing acoustic correction spaces. The frame, made of aluminum struture, coated textile or fabric of your choice includes a high performance insulation to absorb unwanted sounds.

To suspend, to hang or place, each frame fits its needs and its decor. Its shapes and dimensions were limited by your imagination. 19 panels and acoustic baffles Arcolis® models are available. They adapt to all places and materials and are adorned with an exceptional choice of 50 colors.

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